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201. The loser closely enclosed himself in the closet.


202. The composer was proposed to decompose his composition into components.


203. Suppose you were exposed in the opposite position by your opponent, ...


204. The depositor positively positioned the preposition in that position on purpose.


205. In church the nurse cursed the people pursuing the purple purse.


206. The faculty for agricultural culture isn't difficult to cultivate.


207. The reservoir in the reserved preserve is an obstacle to the obstinate observer.


208. The desert deserves the nervous servants to observe.


209. The bulk of the ruby rubbish on the pebble bubbles when stirred by bulbed rubber club.


 210. The adjective injected new meaning into the objected objective object.


211. The projector is subject to rejection and may be ejected from the project.


 212. A day goes through daybreak, morning, noon, afternoon, evening and midnight.


213. His affection for the defects is affected by the infectious perfect effect.


 214. The critic's criticism is critical to the crisis.


215. The director''s indirect direction led to the incorrect erection of the rectifier.


216. The prospective inspector prospected his prospect with his own perspective.


217. Two suspicious aspects are suspected respectively.


218. This section about insects is written by a respectable specialist.


219. I assure the injured jury that a sure insurance is ensured.


220. My durable endurance made me endure the injury during insurance.


221. I can''t endure the leisured man''s measures for the treasures in the treasury.


222. In the exchange the oranges are arranged into strange ranges.


223. The ashtray, splashed with ash, crashed with a clash in a flash while being washed.


224. He dashed to smash the fashionable ashtray with cash.


 225. I feel a bit of bitterness for his ambitious exhibition.


226. On the orbit, the rabbits habitually inherited the merits of the inhabitants.


227. Her rejoicing voice is void of something avoidable.


228. I prefer the preferable preference you referred to in the reference books.


229. The specialist specifically specified a special pacific means especially.


 230. The speculator specifically specified the specification of this species specimen.


231. I''m to be punished for publishing his bad reputation to the public of the republic.


232. The drug trafficker is concerned about the condition of the traditional concert.


233. It''s a fable that the cable enables the disabled man to be able to walk.


234. The problem is that those who are out of jobs probably rob.


 235. His wicked trick is to get the kids to kick bricks and lick the cricket ticket.


236. The thin sick chicken picks the thick sticky stick quickly.


237. The animals unanimously vanished from the mammal''s room furnished with Spanish furniture.


 238. The loosened goose chooses the cheese to eat.


239. By policy, the police impolitely sliced the politician''s politics books.


240. At the neck of the wrecked deck, the reckoner checked the opaque cheque.


241. The scholar foolishly took the school cooling pool for swimming pool.


242. Having played golf, the wolf in wool rested on the tool stool in the zoo.


 243. Citizens in the city''s civil buildings are all civilized.


244. The pious man is dubious about the vicious civilian''s vivid description of his vicinity to his wife.


245. The corps'' corn in the corner is scorned by the stubborn corporation.


246. The attorney''s horn lies horizontally in the thorns.


247. I seem to deem his foreseeing of that the man will seek seeds in the weed.


248. The agreement disagrees in the degree of agreeable freedom.


249. In the freezing breeze, the breeder greedily squeezed oil from the seeds.


250. We need reed needles to speed the deed indeed.





251. The accessory successor never made concessions to difficulties, so he succeeded in accessing  successive successes.




252. I exceed the excellent student who has excessive excellence.




253. During the procession, the microprocessor finished the processing procedure.




254. The chess professor confessed his professional blessing in the confession.




255. The progressive congressman dressed in black stressed his distress.




256. The man depressed by the pressure from the press expressed the impression on him.




257. Initially I kept silent to the essential essay.起初我对这个重要的短评保持沉默。


258. The enforced law reinforced that forced divorce is forbidden.




259. In the cork workshop, the workers fork the pork.在软木车间,工人们用叉子叉猪肉.


260. That person personally persuaded the personnel with persuasive words.




261. The dull bull fully fulfilled pulling the bulletproof bulletin board.




262. The lucky duck tucked in truck suddenly sucked the gas from the bucket




263. Boil the oil soiled by the coil in the toilet lest it spoil.




264. The selfish man put himself on the shelf.那个自私的人把自己束之高阁。


265. In this climate, the climber climbed up the cliff with his stiff limbs.




266. The puffy staff's stuffy chests are stuffed with sufficient suffering.




267. The member of good memory remembers to commemorate his friend with memorials.




268. The room is lumbered with numerous cucumbers.




269. The poet's toes get out of his shoes. Here heroes are zeros.




270. In the library, arbitrary the librarian wrote the auxiliary diary about military literature.




271. The royal destroyer employs lots of loyal employees.




272. On the voyage, the enjoyable toy brought me joy and annoyance.




273. Her boyfriend fed a box of oxygen and hydrogen to the ox and fox.




274. The instructor struggled to say, "The structure of the construction led to the destruction."




275. I debated that the debtor was doubtless in double troubles.




276. With a dim triumph, she trims the swimming-suit rim at the swimming-pool brim.




277. Twice the twin king wins the winter swinging under the wing of the plane.




278. Having piled miles of files, the compiler smiled a while at the profile




279. By the spoon you'll soon see the smooth tooth of the moon above the booth




280. She met me in the Fleet Street and greeted me with a sweet smile.




281. The conductor is reluctant to reduce the conductivity of the semiconductor.




282. The producer introduced a productive technological product into production.




283. The anxious man is unconscious of my anxiety.




284. Previously he was obviously envious of my success.




285. I highly appreciate the preceding man's precious precise exercise.




286. The miracle mirrors a horrible error made by the terrorists in the terrible territory.




287. I hurt my tongue when I hurried to eat cherry and strawberry merrily.




288. The man proclaimed in exclamation that he aimed to reclaim the aimless claim.




289. In no circumstances can the bicycle in the circle of the circus be a focus.




290. I'm busy unless I'm blessed with less lesson.




291. How to pronounce the noun "ounce" in the announcement?




292. It's incredible that the editor's editorial in this edition is edible.




293. The whistler whispered, "Which is rich?"鸣笛者低语道:"哪一个富有?"


294. Which method of making the metal helmet is more economical in total?




295. The diligent teller told a tedious story about the intelligent satellite




296. The soda made the goddess nod by the fishing rod.




297. The modest man moderately modified the model in this mode.




298. The humorous rumour has something to do with human humanity and vanity.




299. The wakened cake baker awakes to that he has to brake by the lake.




300. I overtake the undertaker who takes my stake by mistake.



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